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Have You Heard About the Cholesterol Myth Health Articles | January 15 Wholesale San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , 2015

This tells about the chole increase cardiovascular health.

In case you have not heard about the cholesterol myth, Amazon has books about it. One is called The Great Cholesterol Myth. Another is called The Cholesterol Myths. There are others called Cholesterol Myth, Ignore the Awkward: How the Cholesterol Myths are Kept Alive, The Cholesterol Myth Wholesale 49ers Jerseys , The Cholesterol Con, The Myth of Cholesterol, The Truth About Statins: Risks and Alternatives to Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, The Cholesterol Delusion and even more.

Of course the above is a big business. The selling of statin drugs that lower cholesterol is a $31 billion a year business. The drug industry even sells drugs for people who have nothing wrong with them. Do you know what they are? They sell vaccines for babies that have nothing wrong with them.

They also sell sunscreen to people who have nothing wrong with them. The only thing that the latter does is prevent people from getting a sunburn. But you can do that with common sense. Also it prevents them from getting enough vitamin D and has helped to create a vitamin D deficiency pandemic (widespread epidemic). Also if your skin is darkened by sunlight without using sunscreen Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , it makes your skin more resistant to getting sunburn from sunlight.

At first they said that cholesterol was bad for you and helped to cause strokes and heart attacks. Then they said that there was a good cholesterol and the more of it that you have, the better for you.

Now in account‌ing you have debits that take away from the money that you have and credits that add to the money that you have. So you add credits and subtract debits. But in medicine they decided to add the good cholesterol (HDL) to the bad cholesterol (LDL) (to get total cholesterol) and say that the more of it that you have, the worse that it is for you. So this creates the contradiction that the more good cholesterol that you have, the worse that it is for health Cheap 49ers Jerseys , which is false. This makes as much sense as adding debits and credits together.

Please note that the above is talking about cholesterol that is in your blood. Where does it come from? The liver makes it and the gallbladder stores it. This is a different thing than cholesterol that is in your diet that is called dietary cholesterol. There is no direct link to cholesterol in your blood to dietary cholesterol. To make it even more complex they have learned that when it come to bad cholesterol (LDL), there is the harmless and the harmful LDL. So statins change this number but the statins also have bad side effects.

So you can take a drug to change these numbers but you can also lower the bad cholesterol by doing exercise. But exercise has other side effects. It increases the good cholesterol, can help you to lose excess fat, increase strength Wholesale Jerry Rice Jersey , increase stamina and makes you more resistant to other diseases like cancer.

You can also lower bad cholesterol by improving diet. They say that improving diet is such a complex thing that no one can figure it out. Actually all you need to do is eat more unprocessed foods that are made by God or nature and eat less processed foods that are made by people.

Also there is no need to eat animal foods but if you do eat animal foods, eat animals that were fed grass or what their normal diet is rather than eat animals that were fed grains. The U.S. le Air Max Mens[/url] Wholesale Air Max Clearance

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